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Prisoners deliberately seeking segregation to escape drugs and violence

Prisoners are deliberately engineering moves to segregated areas to escape drugs and violence, a new report claims. A survey found that more than a third of inmates who were held in separate units acted in ways they knew would see them moved away from main wings. Reasons for instigating moves to segregation included avoiding repaying… Continue Reading

Legal highs and drones targeted in prison crackdown

Smugglers attempting to sneak so-called legal highs into prisons will face up to two years in jail under a Government crackdown. A new law will also target those using drones to fly materials into jails. Last year authorities recorded 250 incidents of new psychoactive substances being thrown over prison walls but until now police have… Continue Reading

Senior Met Cop Pleads Guilty to Possession of Class A Drugs

A senior gay police officer who was awarded an MBE has pleaded guilty to possession of drugs, Scotland Yard said. Chief Inspector Paul Cahill, 43, admitted two counts of possession of Class A drugs, one of possession of Class B drug, and one of possession of Class C drug. He was given a conditional discharge… Continue Reading

Prisoners used official jail laptops to mastermind £30m drug operation

A criminal gang carried out a £30 million drug-smuggling operation from their cells – using laptops supplied by the Ministry of Justice to help them prepare for legal cases, and which they managed to tamper with, it has been reported. The plotters even paid more than £1 million to persuade a freelance “fixer” to get… Continue Reading

“Legalise heroin” argues expert

Prescribing heroin to addicts could be cheaper than methadone, an expert on addiction has suggested. Professor Martin Schechter, who has long campaigned on the issue, said the drug substitute did not always prove to be effective while heroin treatments have been shown to get people clean as well as reduce harm, lower societal cost and… Continue Reading

BBC prison drug scanner story: “a fiction”

A story published today by the BBC claiming that all prisons in England and Wales are to be fitted with drug detection scanners at a cost of £15M, has been described as “a fiction” by one prisons expert. Mark Leech, editor of The Prisons Handbook – the definitive annual guide to prisons in England and… Continue Reading

Indonesia executes drug traffickers

Indonesia has executed six people, five of them foreigners, for drug trafficking despite international appeals to spare them. The government defended the firing squad executions as necessary to combat the rising drug trade. Four men, from Brazil, Malawi, Nigeria and the Netherlands, and an Indonesian woman were executed simultaneously in pairs just after midnight, several… Continue Reading

Prison Drug Seizures Increasing

A rise in drug seizures in prisons in England and Wales shows robust security measures are working, the Ministry of Justice has said – a comment that one prisons expert described as ‘simply ridiculous’. There were nearly 4,500 seizures in 2013/14 compared with a little under 3,800 in 2010/11, according to figures given in response… Continue Reading

First Mobile Drug Testing Device Approved

The first mobile drug-testing device has been approved by the Government for use on drivers suspected of being under the influence. The device known as Drugwipe is the first portable device that can detect the presence of cannabis and cocaine – two of the most common substances used by drug drivers – by analysing a… Continue Reading