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Worker at Brixton jail charged with trying to buy gun and ammo

BrixtonPrisonEntranceA prison worker is facing a series of charges including allegedly stealing a police uniform and trying to buy a Glock handgun and 100 rounds of ammunition.

Dwain Osborne, 26, from Penge, south east London, who worked in the library at Brixton jail, also allegedly had a media drive containing a list of all inmates and their cells, and a list of staff and their personal information.

He is accused of trying to buy the gun and ammunition on the so-called “Dark Web” – unlisted and hard-to-trace websites – and when officers from the National Crime Agency searched his home in October last year it is claimed they also found the media drive, a police uniform and two stolen passports.

During a second search earlier this month, it is alleged they found cocaine with wraps, scales and cutting agent, as well as cash.

Osborne is facing nine counts including attempting to possess a firearm and attempting to possess ammunition with intent to endanger life; and attempting to buy a gun and attempting to buy ammunition without authority.

The remaining five charges are possession of cocaine with intent to supply; possession of a class B drug; theft of a police uniform; possession of identity documents belonging to another; and gaining unauthorised access with intent to commit or facilitate the commission of a further offence under the Computer Misuse Act.

Osborne is due to appear at the Old Bailey on March 17.

Prison Van break out gang jailed

A gang who broke two prisoners out of a custody van in an armed raid in Greater Manchester were jailed. A trio of armed men broke prisoners Ryan MacDonald and Stevie McMullen free from the vehicle during the audacious breakout in Salford. The gang smashed a window with an axe before threatening the van driver… Continue Reading

Duggan Family Legal Challenge To Go Ahead

Leading judges have given the go-ahead for a legal challenge over police practices linked to the shooting of a man whose death sparked nationwide riots. The decision by three Court of Appeal judges in London today follows an earlier High Court ruling which prevented the mother of Mark Duggan from seeking judicial review of guidance… Continue Reading


ConVerse The Highest Circulation National Newspaper for Prisoners in England & Wales A man was convicted today of holding two prison officers at gunpoint to help an inmate jailed for a violent assault escape custody. Garry Cowan, 45, was found guilty of springing Andrew Farndon (above) with the aid of a replica handgun from outside West Suffolk… Continue Reading


A customs officer conspired with two “famous” criminals to help them secure massive reductions in their jail terms for drug smuggling, a court heard today. Paul Cook was acting as an informant handler for John Haase (above) and his nephew Paul Bennett, two “major criminals” waiting to be sentenced for a large-scale scheme to import… Continue Reading