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Offenders with learning disabilities being ignored say inspectors

The needs of many people with learning disabilities are going unnoticed when they are arrested by police, go to court and are sentenced, according to independent inspectors. They have published the report of a joint inspection into people with learning disabilities within the criminal justice system which said their needs should be recognised and addressed.… Continue Reading

Report on Offender Management in Prisons – “A Truly Damning Report” say experts

OFFENDER MANAGEMENT IN PRISONS: WORRYING LACK OF PROGRESS, SAY INSPECTORS Little progress has been made in offender management in prisons and a fundamental review is needed, said Liz Calderbank, Chief Inspector of Probation, and Nick Hardwick, Chief Inspector of Prisons. Today they published the report of a third joint inspection into offender management in prisons.… Continue Reading

Probation Trusts Working Well To Support Victims Says Chief Inspector

The work Probation Trusts did to keep victims of crime informed and prepared for an offender’s release was generally of a high standard, said Liz Calderbank, Chief Inspector of Probation, publishing the report of an inspection of the Victim Contact Scheme. However, she added that some improvements could be made to the way in which… Continue Reading