full sutton

A prisoner at Full Sutton maximum security prison near York is in a critical condition after another prisoner slashed his throat with a knife.

Mark Leech, editor of Converse the national newspaper for prisoners in England and Wales said:

“Converse sources at the jail told the newspaper that the whole prison had gone into lock down following the assault on 25th April and the inmate was rushed to a local hosital where he is in a critical condition.”

Full Sutton is one of eight prisons which form part of the High Security Estate, holding long term prisoners including terrorists, murderers and those who will never be released

In the 2012 annual report by the Independent Monitoring Board for Full Sutton, the Board said  assaults were down by 57 per cent since 2008, thanks to a good staff-prisoner relationships and a tight hold on security, but they warned that budget cuts of £1.1m in 2013/14 “will lead to a potential loss of control, making the prison unsafe for both staff and prisoners.”

A report by the Prisons Inspectorate earlier this year said that Full Sutton Prison near Pocklington “dealt very effectively with challenges other prisons find difficult to manage”.

It said that “levels of violence were low, drug use was low and there was a range of good quality, well-managed purposeful activity available.”

However Inspectors expressed concerns about the segregation unit where Inspectors criticised the unit for a “insufficient focus on improving behaviour and helping men reintegrate back on the main wings.”.

The report said: “It is generally an impressive establishment that maintains an effective balance between providing the necessary levels of security and affording the men it holds decent treatment and conditions.”

The jail was opened 11 years ago and holds around 600 of the country’s most serious offenders.

A Prison Service spokesperson told Converse:
“A prisoner at HMP Full Sutton was seriously assaulted by another prisoner on 25.4.13. The victim was taken to outside hospital for treatment and the police are investigating.
“We will not tolerate violence against prisoners or staff and will always press for the most serious charges to be laid against perpetrators.”