The shocking bullying of an IMB Member who simply told the truth


Faith Spear - the straight-talking Chair of Hollesley Bay Prison
Faith Spear – the straight-talking Chair of Hollesley Bay Prison

30/4/2016 update

It was a powerfully honest article that many members of Independent Monitoring Boards (IMB) wanted to write (and which many have since applauded) but it has resulted in the shocking revelation of how bullying at one IMB is the price some can pay for their honesty.

Faith Spear is the highly regarded Chair of the IMB at HMP & YOI Hollesley Bay, an independent statutory watchdog appointed by the Secretary of State with wide-ranging powers of independence to monitor what goes on inside our prisons.

Instead of looking in to the prison however Faith took the brave step of looking at the national system of monitoring our prisons by writing “Whistle Blower Without A Whistle” a powerful expose of the IMB system itself.

It was welcomed by many, and an education to many more, but her own Board responded by shocking bullying and tried to pull off a coup d*etat which will fail as Faith is standing firm.

The article she wrote – which you can read above was a private, personal, informed, and educated view of a national monitoring system that everyone agrees needs radical reform. In it she named no one, she breached no rules, disclosed no security procedures, and there has never been any complaint about her capacity to discharge the duties of Chair – on the contrary she has been described officially in her IMB reviews as “keen, professional, team minded, results focused and enthusiastic…”

Read the shocking details of her treatment here