Sex on duty Cop on trial

PC Adam Rushton
PC Adam Rushton

A policeman from Newcastle-under-Lyme engaged in sexual activity with four different women while on duty and “groomed” a domestic violence victim for sex at a hotel, a court has heard.
A jury was told that Pc Adam Rushton even used the “subterfuge” of a fictional crime to trick a woman who had reported a domestic incident into exposing herself.
On another occasion, Birmingham Crown Court heard, the officer checked that the coast was clear before taking a lover into a police station, where she handcuffed him in an office.
Rushton, who was based at Longton police station in Stoke-on-Trent, denies 10 counts of misconduct in a public office and two offences under data protection laws.
The 37-year-old is alleged to have committed the offences between June 2006 and October 2012.
opening the case at the start of what is expected to be a seven-day trial, prosecutor Duncan Bould said the allegations all related to Rushton’s sex life.
Mr Bould told the court: “We say that over the years his activities as a police constable have brought him regularly into contact with vulnerable and frightened females, often in extreme circumstances, who he has met during the course of his duties.
“We say he sought to take advantage of those situations to have sexual activity of some kind with them.”
Describing Rushton’s alleged conduct towards a total of seven women as a serious breach of trust, Mr Bould took jurors through the details of each of the 12 charges.
The Crown claims Rushton, who joined the police service in 2003, paid social visits to some of the women while on duty and gave one of them cash in return for oral sex.
The jury of 10 men and two women was told that Rushton developed a friendship with one of the women, who was 21, in 2006 and went on to have sex at her home while on duty.
Another woman, who was 17 when she met Rushton, allegedly kissed him in a police car and engaged in sexual activity after being taken to Longton police station.
“He picked her up in a marked police car,” Mr Bould told the jury. “When they got to the police station, she had to wait in the car, presumably whilst he made sure the coast was clear.
“He took her into the police station and they went into an office.
“Once inside, the door was locked, he spun her round and began to kiss her, and then she put his own handcuffs on him.
“Clearly sexual activity was taking place that was intended to go further but for the fact that somebody disturbed them.
“They had been there for probably 30 to 40 minutes. He told her afterwards that she shouldn’t say anything about what they had done because he could lose his job.”
Jurors were also told that Rushton was alleged to have called at the home of another member of the public while on duty and told her that he needed to identify the sender of an abusive message from a tattoo on her thigh.
Rushton is then alleged to have threatened to handcuff the woman, who had reported a domestic incident, before she lowered her clothing for him to examine her.
In 2012, the court heard, other police officers spotted Rushton visiting a hotel where a victim of domestic violence was staying.
Rushton is alleged to have had sex with the woman, who the prosecution claim was “groomed” while he was on duty and later sent a series of text messages.
Concluding his opening remarks, Mr Bould stressed that none of the women had made complaints to the police about Rushton.
After the officer’s arrest in April 2013, he was interviewed about the misconduct allegations.
“In essence, apart from (an incident with one of the women) he denied the allegations that were put to him,” Mr Bould said.
“He said he had not had sexual relations with people he had met through work and that he had not conducted sexual relations on duty at all.”
The trial continues.