Judges will no longer chair life sentence parole boards


Judges will no longer be required to chair Parole Board hearings for life sentence prisoners and those detained at Her Majesty’s Pleasure, Justice Minister Lord Faulks has said.

The chairman of the Parole Board will now be able to appoint any member of it to chair such panels for oral hearings.

This could include sitting or retired judges.

In a written ministerial statement, Lord Faulks said: “This approach will enable the Parole Board to adopt a flexible approach in assessing which of its members are best able to sit on and chair oral panels involving life sentence prisoners.

“Oral hearing panels, which do not include sitting or retired judges, already consider determinate cases and cases involving sentences of imprisonment for public protection (IPP). These cases can be just as difficult and complex as the cases of life sentenced prisoners.

“The Parole Board already assesses non-judicial members as to whether they possess sufficient skills and experience to be effective in chairing IPP cases.

“Following the amendment of the 2011 rules, the process of assessment and additional training will be extended to all members in respect of serving on and chairing life sentence panels.

“This Government regards the protection of the public as a priority and this change will help us create a more effective and efficient criminal justice system, and will allow greater flexibility, given the demands on a sitting judge’s time.”