Lockerbie Bomber in Libyan Demo Parade

The  Lockerbie bomber has shown his support for beleaguered Libyan President Colonel Gaddafi –  appearing at a government rally broadcast on state TV; causing Converse to ask why he is still on licence.

Wheelchair-bound Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi was pictured at the demonstration  in Tripoli, two years after being freed from prison in Scotland, when it was said he only had three months to live.

Mark Leech editor of Converse told the BBC that al-Megrahi was released on temporary licence when it was believed he was within days of death.

Mr Leech said: “Clearly the medical information on which that licence was based was flawed.

“What’s more a condition of his licence was that he would not flaunt his freedom – had this been any other prisoner in the UK, still alive two years after they should have died, and appearing across the world’s media sticking two fingers up to his hundreds of victims, their feet would not touch.

“They won’t get al-Megrahi back now, no matter what the law technically says can happen – but it should act as a warning about releasing notorious terrorists in the future no matter how close the medical experts claims they are to the proverbial ‘deaths door’.”