Police & Politicians – ‘no different to rioters’

8/8/2011: 1250pm

The police and politicians who condemn those who have rioted in London over the last two days are little different themselves said Mark Leech, editor of Converse the national prisoners newspaper

“There is no respect for authority now – and police and politicians have themselves to blame for that.

“Police are taking backhanders from Murdoch, politicians are fiddling their expenses – those who loot shops are just as bad, but they are in reality no different to those in authority who have set a shocking example of misconduct.

“I do not condone what has happened but I like to think I can see the bigger picture – why should looters go to prison for stealing training shoes when the former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith wrongly claimed £110,000 in expenses and was only made to apologise and not pay back a single penny”?